Social Media DAO

Social Media DAO is about developing social media sites that accept cryptocurrencies for self serve advertising, and also enable members to pay a certain amount of cryptocurrency each month to not see ads. Creators/members will be rewarded a fair share of net profits for the content they generate. Minimum royalty laws should exist. This site/app will be able to replace Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Gitcoin will be utilized to post crowd sourced bounties for open source software that can function to these broad specifications.

For now collaboration can be done on Reddit.

Social Media DAO and Basic Income Cryptocurrencies

Here is an idea for a site app that combines a social media cryptocurrency, with advertising, with premium memberships, and a basic income cryptocurrency.

The site/app will accept cryptocurrency for payment for self serve advertising. Users/members can also opt to not see ads by paying a certain amount of cryptocurrency each week,  each month, or  each year.

I have an idea for a basic income cryptocurrency built on top of a social media platform that has self serve advertising. Individuals can use their cryptocurrency to run ads or they can send it to a crypto exchange to convert it into another currency.

Perhaps this basic income cryptocurrency will rely on proof of community and proof of creativity to authenticate individuals. In order to receive the basic income cryptocurrency, users will need to demonstrate having a unique identify.

Users/creators/contributors can earn cryptocurrency from posting and creating content. Money is continually generated from posts through the self serve advertising on the site/app.

Perhaps the cryptocurrency can be a token on top of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. It will be interesting to see where this goes. You can collaborate on /r/SocialDAO on Reddit.